TV anime "22/7" will be broadcast in January 2020!


It was decided that the TV anime "22/7" will be broadcast in January 2020. In addition, the first handwritten animation MV for 4th single "I can't do anything" has been released.

Digital voice actor idol group "22/7 (Nanabunnonijuni)", produced by Mr. Yasushi Akimoto and formed by Sony Music and ANIPLEX, has entered a total of 10,325 entries to play characters created by famous creators representing Japan. It is a digital voice actor idol group formed by girls selected by people's national auditions.
The debut single "I didn't exist" was ranked 10th in the Oricon weekly ranking, and the 2nd single "Shampoo smelled" was ranked 8th under the produce of Akimoto Yasushi. Animations have also been announced, and the possibility is getting a lot of attention.
He is actively working on the TV program “22/7 Calculation”, the appearance of “Anime Expo 2018”, and the supporter of “Mafu 2018”. On August 21, the 4th single "I Can't Do Anything" will be released for the first time in about a year.

This time, it was announced that TV animation will be broadcast from January 2020 at `` Nana Niji Fes 2019 '' held at duo MUSIC EXCHANGE on Monday, July 22, 2019, along with teaser visual and teaser PV was also released.

In addition, Music Video of 4th single "I can't do anything" to be released on August 21 will be unveiled for the first time. Later, it was released on the 22/7 official YouTube channel.
Mr. uki of maxilla is director, and Yukiko Horiguchi is in charge of animation character design and drawing director. The creative team maxilla and Glass, which deal with a lot of ONE OK ROCK MVs and commercials such as NIKE and Netflix, are working on the production.
The jackets are drawn by Yukiko Horiguchi in all three forms, so be sure to check them out.

In addition, the official report of "Nana Niji Fes 2019" has arrived.

[Official Report] * Titles omitted

[22/7] 7/22 (Mon) `` Nana Niji Fes 2019 '' @, duo MUSIC EXCHANGE Live Report

On July 22nd, the 22nd day of July 22nd, this year, "Nanani Festival 2019" was held at duo MUSIC EXCHANGE in Shibuya, Tokyo. The 11 people who appeared on the stage at the invitation of Tianjin, who is also the MC at "Nana Niji ROOM", which is currently being distributed on SHOWROOM, will be dressed up for the "festival". Introduce yourself with the pattern and dressing points you chose for this day, and let your pretty personality bloom.

The first half is the variety corner “22/7 Summer Festival” which started with the sound of the festival music from somewhere. Amegi, Kuraoka, Takatsuji, Takeda, Hanakawa's "team Parisi" and Umino, Saijo, Shirasawa, Ryohana, Hofu, and Miyase's "team sexy" will be divided into two teams. became. In `` balloon splitting '' where you embrace each other as a pair and break the balloon sandwiched between them, Takatsuji and Hanakawa, where adorable cats and rabbits play with each other, Miyase who desperately stretches and hugs the tallest Umino in the group, Show off good friends. In addition, the final battle, "confession on fireworks date", which was held by a draw between both teams, is a delusional situation game in which the sound of fireworks rising is signaled. "I'm not a kana sister, please call me a call." I immediately thought that it was Shirazawa's overwhelming victory that turned the venue into a 幼 childhood friend of younger 〝 The sound of the beginning of the war! ", Said Amagi, who became a boy who stood up to protect his loved ones, rocked the maiden's heart hidden in men's hearts, and had a disturbing ending. The prize is a list of high-quality watermelons, and "team Parisi" is a joy to enjoy. As a punishment game, the “team sexy” enthusiasm, which expresses the fireworks that launch with a dawn in full body, in line with the sound effects of fireworks, a special skill of Kuraoka, concludes a lively laugh.

"On 22/7, 11 people. I believed in it and worked." When the members leave and the movie begins with such words, the venue will calm down quietly. What was shown was Ryoka, Takatsuji, and Takeda just staring at the stage of the members who gained the eight characters that were the subject of the audition. While making their debut together, the three with no characters disappeared gently during the live performance when it came to the “eight-person song”, and sometimes played a shadow narration to excite the character live. With shoulders as if supporting each other's "I will not give up" heat, with a smile that can not lose to eight people at any time. And now-.

Saijo appears on the darkened stage as he looks down. Surrounding it, 10 people come and go like a group play. Eleven people, dressed in new costumes reminiscent of the red sky, raised their faces. The 4th single "I can't do anything" was finally announced for the first time on 22/7. The intense but delicate performance and the phrase of tracing the struggles of the days make us feel dramatic in their stories while feeling the strength that has regained the ideal form. Keep an eye on your eyes. Everyone was gasping. After release, cheers occur.

Regarding the theme of "loneliness in a group" included in this song, Saijo said, "I want to give something to an important person, but I do not know what to do to help that person, In the end, you can't do anything, or you'll hurt without your knowledge. " Takatsuji, who said that he likes to pretend to be called “Rei-chan Moses,” appearing from behind as if to split the other ten, said “Ainachi (Takeda), Moe-chan (Ryohana) while holding back the emotions that came in. "I'm so happy that the three songs were split!"

"Easy memory" to heal the excitement, and "Uncertain youth". In a calm smile that exchanges with each other, the days when they met 22/7 as if they were in love are brilliant medleys that sparkle brilliantly.

The 22nd day of the past has been sharing various joys. One year ago, Hofu took over as leader. "I was so surprised (when I was told), but after that I was able to come back without hesitation thanks to the dressing room saying," You can do the same thing as usual. " , Shyly shyly, said to the fans, "Speaking of July 22, I want to do something fun on the day. Will you continue walking with us in the future?" The representative thought was delivered.

From here, it will be broadcast live on SHOWROOM, and he will intensely say, "Let's convey the heat of Nananaji's live to the whole world!" Enthusiastic anthem from "Ida Ten Musume" saying "Because there is a future." The dynamics of the members swaying while receiving the call that the fans depended on shook the venue.

Surprising surprise as "Nanana Niji" call that replaces Angkor!乗 When a movie telling the song “I Did Not Exist” was sent on 22/7 on “January 2020 TV Animation”, the best delight of the day echoed. The members who changed into live T-shirts and re-appeared were blessed. Tears overflowed from the strong sail breeze, and Amagi also expressed appreciation while shaking his voice with red eyes. "It has been two years since the animation was announced. Thanks to the fans who supported us all the time, we were able to finally realize it. We achieved our goal since the formation of 22/7 I'm happy to be able to do it, but I hope this is not a goal, but a further start. We look forward to your support! "

The good news is not over yet. As one of the first appearance information, it announced that "Anniversary Live 2019" will be held at Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka on September 20, the debut date. Last year, we filled the venue with the help of MC Sanshiro as an event for “22/7 Under Computing”, but this time we were keen to make our own success. Saijo, who usually doesn't open himself to MC, says, "I want to do my best without escaping for the anime broadcast."

The last number was recorded in the 1st single, "The reason 11 people gathered." It is an acoustic song that matches the strings that are gently plucked, but it is a proof of their bond that they wanted to debut with full members, and the singing voice is powerful. Eleven people in a row take the next step with their new determination in their hearts.

His call to name, the applause that never ceased to be heard, and his setback that 11 people continued to stand on the stage set a historic night, and the historic night came to an end. Later, the MV, "I Can't Do Anything", was shown for the first time with 11 characters drawn. The road continues. To the future of {11 + 11} that the radiance of their eyes pioneered.

(set list)

M1. I can't do anything
M2. Easy memory
M3. Uncertain youth
M5. Because there is a future
En1. Why 11 people gathered

Photographer: Yuki Nakahara, Hayami Aoki
Lighter: Kitagawa

■ TV anime "22/7" teaser PV

■ 22/7 "I can't do anything" Music Video release

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