At pixiv, over 500,000 PVs of popular manga “Movie Love Pompo” is on sale and animated projects are underway!


It has become clear that a popular manga that has surpassed 500,000 views at the pixiv illustration and manga posting site pixiv is in the process of becoming animated.

"Pornpo who loves movies" is a manga work published by pixiv, an illustration and manga posting site, by Shogo Sugitani [Human Plamo]. Set in the film capital of Nyariwood, filmmakers are drawn, centered on talented producer Joel Davidovich Pomponet (aka Pompo) and production assistant Jin Finni.

When released in April 2017, it quickly exceeded 500,000 PV, and it was decided to make a book at an unusual speed. And on the comic strip released on Saturday, August 26, "Animation planning is in progress" was announced. Details are unknown, but expect to see a follow-up report.

■ "Pompo who loves movies" Synopsis
Pompo is a talented movie producer. It is a child of the silver screen, who sees the potential of actors and staff and makes full use of their talents. In the film capital of Nyariwood, he is working on day and night movie production, but for some reason the genre is only B-class sex appeal action. Handwritten script is handed over. What's more, the director has been nominated for "This movie will be taken by you!" Can Gene be able to shoot the "masterpiece" that Pompo talks about !?