When Amamiya Ten gets drunk, it turns into an ice room !?


A romantic comedy called “Shinmura Shinya” and “Himuro Shobu”, a science and technology that scientifically proves love between men and women. “I tried to prove it because science fell in love” (nickname: Rikekoi).

This work, in which the figures of two people who seriously "science" romance are drawn smilingly and comically, finally enters the final game! So, this time, I looked at the future highlights of the role of Himuro Iris / Amamiya Ten, Haruka Natsuko Hara, Ena Toshita and Himasa Omori while looking back on the broadcasts so far!



What happens when Amamiya Ten drinks alcohol?

── It's been about two months since the broadcast started. How are the feedback from the audience?


Amamiya: I often hear the voice that the fun and the feeling of the work itself are good. Also, since the relationship between Himuro and Yukimura is not easy to progress, it is difficult to watch because it is embarrassing (laughs). I hear the opinion that I am watching while enduring there. I understand well!


In regards to “Rikekoi,” what scenes have left a special impression on the episodes up to the 8th episode on TV when the interview was released?


Amamiya: I guess it's a scene where everyone talks about the mood experiment of Episode 6, "I fell in love with science. Ikeda lab's experimenting together was just over there.


Hara: I was with Dr. Ikeda (laugh)


Omori: Ibarata also participated in the past.


Amamiya: Unexpectedly, experiments are often performed by three people: Himuro, Yukimura, and Kanade. Kanade-chan is always involved (laughs), but Kosuke-kun doesn't really participate in the experiments at Yukimura and Himuro. But it was fun that everyone participated only that time and there was a discovery about the relationship between the characters. I guess it's like this when Yukimura and Ibarada are two people, and I understand that they both like Kanade and Himuro more than I imagined. It's a very interesting and pure experiment.


Hara: I had an interesting episode of Ikeda Lab's drinking party (Episode 7: I went to a drinking party because my science fell in love.). The true intention of everyone, or what was being suppressed, came to the fore, or Mr. Himuro suddenly became deledere and said, "Shuky!" (Laughs). After that, Kosuke became an elementary school student. Kanou-chan was also given the direction of "Ossan-paku", so I have a lot of memory to shake it off. Also, it was a time when I could see a little bit of the past, as well as the hidden parts came out, so I could see a different side than usual, so it was a time I could smile.


It's the gap because you have accumulated episodes so far. By the way, how was this post-recording?


Amamiya: Isn't your face different from your usual Himuro? That's why I'm going to play the last minute of Himuro in my own way, but I was instructed to "do more" (laughs). When I asked, "But it's not an Himuro but is it okay?" And he said, "That's okay. It's okay with another person." hand.


Pee! Does Amamiya get drunk?


Amamiya Piahaha (laughs). I don't say "I like you!", But it's fun and I keep smiling. I thought "it's okay" and decided to do it.


Hara: I won't be an uncle until then (laughs). However, since it was an aggressive direction that said, "You can play more uncles," "you may not have to play," and "uncles of black playing," I thought that the secret of the playing was the darkness (laughs) ).


Amamiya: Really, Kan-chan, the darkness is deep (laughs).


Omori Ibarada was at his own pace. After seeing these two guys and Torasuke being disturbed, I dubbed while thinking "Oh-oh" (laughs). It was very interesting for Omori.


Everyone (laughs)


Omori: After seeing Himuro's performance, I was thinking of what would happen if it were Ten's element, but I didn't think it would happen if I was really drunk (laughs). I'm glad to hear that story today. Also, Ibarata, who was soothing Tosuke with stick reading, was cute.


By the way, what happens when Omori gets drunk?


Omori: I may not change much. After drinking and going home, I feel like I'm going to sleep. So I want to enjoy more sake.


Amamiya: If you drink more, you can enjoy more, surely!


Hara It seems to be fun if you do a rike carp drinking party!



In fact, it was super hard ... a video behind the scenes of singing Yukimura x Himuro!

──The other day, "[Singing] Turing Love -Yukimura x Himuro ver.-" was released, but how was Amamiya-san singing?


Amamiya: It was really hard. Originally it wasn't a song sung by Himuro and Yukimura, but a song that came from the head family. Both Himuro and Yukimura are very low key characters, so how do you sing this song?

For example, if you lower the key of the original song because the key of the Himuro is low, it will also be applied to Yuma Uchida's Yukimura. That said, if you raise the key, it will be different from the character, so I decided to go with the original key. But then the female vocal key was so high that it wasn't the Himuro this time, so I came to the conclusion that I would lower the octave and sing, but it was very hard to get there ... .

So, in the first place, I wrote the lines where I sang, and I tried and wondered how I could get the feeling of an ice room. The rest was duet, so I was really worried about how to do it without bothering Yuma.


That there was such a hardship ... On the other hand, how about the two who were excited next to that?


Omori: When I arrived at the recording studio, Ten-san and Yuma-san had already started recording, so I was messed up while listening to them.


Amamiya: Everyone was too funny, and the characters were really exciting.


Omori At the beginning, three people (Mr. Omori, Mr. Hara, and Mr. Jun Fukushima who played the role of Torasuke) were standing in front of one microphone and recording. When I tried "Let's record together", Tosuke was too loud (laughs). So I decided to record them separately.


Amamiya (Mr. Fukushima) shouted something all the time. The expression "Let's prove" was screaming, "Let's clarify! Let's start singing with the highest key," and it was recorded in a different pattern.


I was listening to an image like Ikeda Lab who went to karaoke after the drinking party.


Amamiya: It was so fun that I was really drunk.


Hara: I was surprised that all the versions I thought would not be adopted were adopted. I recorded two versions of cute Kanade-chan and black Kanade-chan, but quite a bit of black-and-so was used (laughs). Ibarada-senpai also used yawning voices, and also used Tosuke's "Aika!"


── And, in March, the 9th episode to the last episode will be broadcast, but please tell us the highlights of the end game.


Amamiya: Yukimura and Himuro have been conducting various experiments and experiencing various events, but the relationship between the two is the real part. It is a development that can not be overlooked, and there are expressions of Himuro and Yukimura that can only be seen here, so please enjoy it to the end


In the second half of Hara, my recommended episode is packed, so it will be more and more fun! As a chan, there is a culmination round that presents research so far, and that episode is an important key to look back on the past story and to the final round. I'm glad if you can watch it as it gets more and more interesting.


Omori In episode 9, going on a trip to Okinawa causes various incidents, and manga artist Arika Yamamoto also comes up. This is a point of interest because various events occur in Ibarada. My relationship with Torasuke is also laughable, so I think it's good to be familiar. I hope you can watch this Kyun Kyun without forgetting.