TV anime "One Room" third season production decision!


The third season of TV anime "One Room" has been decided. At the same time, a silhouette image of two new characters and an original PV were released. The broadcast date is undecided.

`` One Room '' is a short animation sent by a smile animation that has worked on the `` Anitre '' series where a beautiful girl character and a viewer work out together and a `` pillow boy '' where 12 male characters sleep together Anime. With the setting that three girls in love with the hero visit the hero's room, the first phase of animation was broadcast in January 2017 and the second phase was broadcast in July 2018, gaining popularity.


In the third season, illustrator Kantoku is in charge of the character draft. Screenplay and animation production will continue from the second season, with Sosei Shimai and Xersey, respectively.

Also, cast information was announced. The character's neighbor, Yui Hanasaka, played M.A.O. Rii Takahashi will continue as it is.


In addition, the original PV has been released following the third season production decision.


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■ "One Room Third Season"

Original: Eiji Mano
Character draft: Kantoku
Character design: Takuya Tani
Screenplay: Sosei Shimoi
Comprehensive production: Shinichiro Ueda
Animation Production: Xersey

Yui Hanasaka: M / A / O
Natsuki Momohara: Rii Murakawa
Nanashihashi Onori: Takahashi Rii


(C) "One Room Third Season" Production Committee