Spring song “Evil God Drop Kick”, announcing the event postponement, will be supporting songs for free!


Information on the postponement / cancellation of the event for the anime "Jigami-chan Drop Kick '" broadcast from April 2020 has been released. Following this announcement, the new song "My Devil Forever" of the unit "Destiny Noisy" by Charm God (CV: Aina Suzuki) & Yurine Hanazono (CV: Nimasa Omori) will be released on February 28, 2020. Announced that it will be distributed free of charge for a limited period of two weeks from the day.

"Yoshigami-chan Drop Kick" is a TV animation based on a popular comic serialized on Yukiwo's web comic site "COMIC Meteo". It has been decided that the first term of TV anime will be broadcast from July 2018 and the second term will be broadcast from April 2020.

⇒A precedent cut arrives as early as the spring anime "Jokami-chan Drop Kick II"! New characters also appeared


The events that have been postponed or canceled this time are as follows.

・ March 7 Shishabato → postponed (confirmed after April)
・ March 14 evil god Keiba → postponement or online implementation
・ March 15 Reina Hasegawa Birthday Sabato → postponed (confirmed after April)
・ March 20 TSM Folli Live → postponed (confirmed after April)
・ March 21-22 AnimeJapan → Cancel
* The event "Northern Sabat 2" will be held on April 11

After receiving this, the new song "My Devil Forever" by the unit "Destiny Noisy" (CV: Aina Suzuki) & Yurine Hanazono (CV: Nimasa Omori) will be supported as a support song by the official online shop of Jinjin-chan. (BOOTH) will be distributed free of charge for two weeks from today.

This song that sings, "I won't give up if it's killed once" is exactly the position where the current "Jinjin-chan drop kick" is placed! If you listen to new Gothic & Speed ​​Metal songs, you will surely feel better! Overcome this self-restraining mood with this song, and wait for the broadcast of April and the day when "Evil God-chan" officials and evil spirits can reunite with a smile again at the event venue!

[Overview of animation]
■ "Evil God drop kick"

Exclusive distribution on Amazon Prime Video from April 2020

From April 2020, start broadcasting on TOKYOMX, Hokkaido Bunka Broadcasting, West Japan Broadcasting, Gunma TV, Tochigi TV, Ciba TV, Sun TV, TV Nagasaki, BS Fuji, AT-X
* Broadcasting and distribution dates are subject to change depending on the schedule. Please note.

Original: Yuki (serialized in COMIC Meteor)
Production Conductor: Koichiro Natsume
General Director: Hikaru Sato
Director: Takanori Yano
Series composition: Kazuyuki Kazuyasu
Screenplay: Kazuyuki Kazuyasu, Momoko Murakami
Character design and total drawing director: Makoto Koga
Color design: Noguchi Yukie
Music: Yuki Kurihara, Joe Kamima
Acoustic director: Yuichi Imaizumi
Sound Production: Esther Seven
Animation Production: No Mud

Jin-chan: Aina Suzuki
Hanazono Yurine: Omori Nimasa
Medusa: Kubota Mimu
Minos: Chiaki Omigawa
Picola: Yurie Kosakai
Peron: Riko Sasaki
Persephone II: Riho Iida
Mei Tachibana: Natsuko Hara
Yusa: Kazusa Aranami
Ice-chan (Koji): Miko Terada
Pino: Marina Yamada
Kyung Kyung: Nanami Yamashita
Run Lang: Miumi Tanaka
Bate: M ・ A ・ O
Devil A: Koji Yusa

"Sometimes violence"
Song: halca (SARCRA MUSIC)
Lyricist: Junko Miyajima
Composer: Kazuhiro Hara
Arrangement: Tomoya Kawasaki


(C) Yuki's COMIC Meteor / Jinjin Drop Kick 'Production Committee