The early cut arrives as early as the spring anime "Jigami-chan Drop Kick II"!

The early cut arrives as early as the spring anime "Jigami-chan Drop Kick II"! New characters also appeared
The precedent cut has been released from "Jinshin-chan Drop Kick II (Dash)" scheduled to be broadcast in April 2020.

"Yoshigami-chan Drop Kick" is a TV animation based on a popular comic serialized on Yukiwo's web comic site "COMIC Meteo".

A female college student, Yurine Hanazono, living in the brain setting as `` the strongest black magician on earth and a person who tells the devil's will to people '', is a demon of the demon world known as a magic book obtained at a used bookstore Summons "Evil God". Yasugami wants to return to Makai, but Yurine is a gag anime whose content is to start a shared life in a rag apartment without knowing how to return.

When the first season of TV anime was broadcast from July 2018, it became popular beyond imagination, and there were many enthusiastic fans called "Jinjin" in various places. After that, while creating a new animation business model, such as crowdfunding of 30 million yen and Chitose City hometown tax payment of 180 million yen, the production of the TV anime "Jinshin-chan Drop Kick" (dash) for the second term was decided to be happy. .


The predecessor cut of this work has arrived early, so let me introduce it below.


[Work summary]
■ "Jinjin Drop Kick '" (Jasin Chan Drop Kick Dash)
Broadcast information: Scheduled to be broadcast from April 2020


(C) Yuki II, COMIC Meteor / Yoshigami-chan Drop Kick II Production Committee