The TV anime "Yao, that's not it!"


It has been decided that the TV anime "Yao, that's not it!" Will start broadcasting on Thursday, April 2, 2020. In addition, the second PV will be released, along with the OP theme, two demons, Akino Arai and AKINO from bless4, who will be in charge of the ED theme by Demon and Demon and the Queen of Darkness, Arika Takano. It was announced.

YA, Illustration: Fuji Choko, where a mediocre young trading company man "Shingo Ichinomiya" suddenly reincarnates as a poor and noble eighth son "Vendelin" in a different world. A popular series by, read over 350 million times on the web novel posting site "Become a Noveler". The animation director is Tatsuo Miura, the series composition is Takeshi Miyamoto, the character design is Kenji Tanabe, and the animation production is Shinei Movie @ SynergySP.
⇒ TV anime "Yawao isn't there!", Decided to be broadcast in 2020, 1st key visual & teaser PV arrive!

This time, it has been decided that the TV anime “Yao, that's not it!” Will start broadcasting on Thursday, April 2, 2020.

In addition, the second PV has been released, and the artist and song title for the OP & ED theme have been released accordingly.

The OP theme `` Time and Space Lost Person '' will be handled by Demon / Demon Highness and Darkness Queen / Takano Arika, and the ED theme `` Tsukiyo no Monologue '' will be handled by Akino Arai and AKINO from bless4. .

Both songs can be heard on the second PV released today, so check them out.

The theme of the OP where the Demon / Demon Highness and the Dark Queen / Takano Arika will perform the dream contest is “The Lost in Time and Space”.
The devil and demons, who are widespread in omnidirectional mass media, have been described as "the appearance of art and entertainment", "social criticism", and "expression". Konata, the queen of darkness and brainwashing a wide fan base with literary lyrics and cutting-edge visuals, Arika Takano (ALI PROJECT). It's a song that wanders through space and time to reach a different world. The song was written by His Excellency Demon, the lyrics were written by His Excellency and Arika Takano, and Anders Lidholm, the home of Symphonic Metal, Sweden-based sound producer.

The ED theme "Monologue of the moonlight" is handled by AKINO Arai x AKINO from bless4. Among the flying dogs with many anison singers, Akino Arai is known for her singing voice with tranquility and rich overtones, and AKINO from bless4, which has powerful vocals since "Seisei no Aquarion". "I can't, but two Akino sang at the same time? "Is likely to be a song that will come true.

[Artist comments]

■ Demon Lord
I didn't know what the end of this story would be, so I wrote songs and lyrics, cherishing the "unknown" feeling. I love the story that transcends space and time, so I made it very exciting. I was not used to producing duet songs for men and women because I was not used to composing songs, but it was difficult at the level where I struggled so far.

■ Arika Takano (ALI PROJECT)

The day when I sing the longing for Scandinavian metal is coming. And with His Excellency Demon. Lyrics collaboration has never been more interesting, like going back and forth between space and time and solving double spiral puzzles. "The Lost in Time and Space" is a song destined to listen to the full size with explosive sounds. You are also a companion. Let's blow off to another dimension.

■ TV animation "Yao, it will not be!" PV 2nd

[Product Information]

■ TV anime "Yao, that's not it!" OP theme "The stray of space and time"
(Lyrics: His Excellency / Arika Takano Composition: His Excellency Arrangement: Anders Rydholm)
Artist: His Excellency Demon X Arika Takano (ALI PROJECT)
Release date: May 13, 2020
Price: 1,200 yen (excluding tax)
An article number: VTCL-35316

■ TV anime "Yao, that's not it!" ED theme "Monologue of the moonlight"
(Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Motokiyo / Strings Arrangement: Tomoki Kikutani)
Artist: AKINO arai x AKINO from bless4
Release date: May 13, 2020
Price: 1,200 yen (excluding tax)
Part number: VTCL-35317


[Work information]
■ TV animation "Yao is not it!"

Broadcast starts on April 2, 2020 (Thursday)
TOKYO MX 22: 30 ~
BS11 24: 30 ~
AT-X 21: 00-
J: Tele 26: 00 ~

Scheduled distribution at AbemaTV, d anime store, etc.

* Broadcasting and distribution dates are subject to change without notice.

Original: Y.A (MF Books / KADOKAWA)
Character draft: Choco Fuji
Director: Tatsuo Miura
Series composition: Takeshi Miyamoto
Character design: Kenji Tanabe
Acoustic director: Koichi Kikuchi
Sound Production: Groove
Effect: Surawa Pro
Music: Katerina Early Music Ensemble @ Minako Seki
Music Production: Flying Dog
Animation Production: Shinei Movie @ SynergySP

The role of Wenderin: Junya Enoki
As Elise: Asuka Nishi
The role of Louise: Yuna Mimura
Role of Ina: Mikako Komatsu
The role of Vilma: MAO

Elvin: Hiro Shimono
Roderich: Tomoo Takatsuka
Wendelin (child): Shizuka Ishigami
Kurt: Tomokazu Sugita
Amalie: Yuka
Alfred: Daisuke Namikawa
Blanc Turk: Yara Yusaku
Armstrong: Masashi Yamane


(C) Y.A 2019 / Illustration: Choco Fuji
(C) Y.A / MF Books / "Yao is not it!" Production Committee