2020 Winter Anime Interim Review by Anime Writer [Anime Column]


Mid-term review of winter 2020 anime! "Heterogeneous Reviewers", which was talked about in animated cartoons, Animal School comedy "Short! Seaton Gakuen", chasing the underground idol's top peta, "If you go to Budokan, you will die" This is an introduction to the popular manga original "Drohedro" serialized for 18 years.

Heterogeneous Reviewers

Adventurers who go to lewd shops to etch with all races will look more dazzling than unscrupulous female characters because they will add their own past to their appearance. Reviewers who talk about the store's reputation with others are just two of us who have been talking about lonely anime talks.
The time to talk about what you like with your friends seems like an eternity, but “Heterogeneous Reviewers” ​​suggests that these days are coming to an end. The existence of an elf with a longer lifespan than humans makes them aware of the parting that comes later, and the angels who join the members have a time limit of "until the angel's ring is fixed." It is interesting to use “Ondo” as the ending theme, a music for sharing halle, and the festival will end someday. And the chance to enjoy the work is lost due to unexpected suspension of broadcasting on the terrestrial wave. It's a work that teaches you that it's as hard to keep watching anime as keeping your anger up.

Don't flock! Seaton School

Set in a private Seaton school where a variety of mammals attend, a school comedy where an animal-hateful human being (Mazamagine) solves the students' worries. The expression differs depending on the gender of the character, and male students are almost animals, and female students are so-called moe personifications. Many zoos cooperate with the zoo, including the Gunma Safari Park, which has been named for the donation, and the mob animals are so excited that they don't get tired.
Each story: Casting Kenjiro Tsuda for the unfamiliar post of animal role. As the name suggests, it is in charge of male animals in all episodes, and it is a momentum that plays anything, such as gorillas, bears, rats, giraffes. At the next announcement, the Edo family cat's eight-chic attempt to show the animals singing by the voice actors will match the nostalgic style.

If you go to Budokan, you will die

ChamJam is an idol group active in Okayama Prefecture. This is an idol comic that depicts the life of Top Eta and Eri Puyo, who pours their entire life into the most popular member, Maiina Ichii. Anime live scenes are often represented by the light of a penlight without the audience's face being drawn, but that is about a large venue. Because ChamJam is an underground idol, it can only be played in a small hut where the audience can be seen, so each person is impressively depicted.
However, in the eighth episode, the live venue went out of power. The audience will be illuminated by the light of the lights and lead the way to the exit. Here, the shape of the ivy is not visible, but is reflected in the light of the light. It's a beautiful scene, as if you had practiced a live performance on the big stage that you might come to ChamJam someday. I want to watch where Ellipo and ChamJam are.

Yasogame-chan Kansatsu 2nd

A short comedy in which Jinkaito, who has been transferred to Aichi Prefecture, teaches the charm of Nagoya to the genuine Nagoya kid Yatogame middle. Not only is the full story of Nagoya trivia packed throughout, the main cast is also led by a voice actor from the same character as the character, led by Haruka Tomatsu. Natural dialects are also attractive.
Foods and famous places appearing in the main part appear under their real names. In the second stage, local idols also appeared in live action, and all Nagoya is excited about animation.
In addition to praising the locals, Nagoya Castle has a strong sense of disappointment. After the end roll, local commercials in the Tokai area will also be on air. It is a work that suddenly changes the tea room to Nagoya.


A dark fantasy in which Caiman, a memoryless man whose head has been turned into a lizard, hunts a wizard to regain his true face and memory. In line with the catchphrase "Come on, chaos", the main story is a mix of 3DCG and hand-drawn, so it's hard to tell which one is. You can enjoy a unique trip feeling coupled with the background art of the cityscape roughened by the smoke emitted by the wizard.
The story that follows the mystery of Caiman is also worrisome, but the episodes that deviate to the sidelines as zombies come out and play baseball are also entertaining. At the opening, you make gyoza, and at the ending, you play a parody of the game.

(Sentence: Katsunori Takahashi)

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