Half the magic anime movie

Half the magic anime movie
Start time: 2020 screening start date: March 13, 2020
Production Company: Pixar Animation Studio Genre: Fantasy / Family Kids
Voice Actor: Tom Holland, Chris Pratt (Japanese Dubbed Version) Jun Shison, Yu Shirota
Staff: Director: Dan Scanlon
A mysterious world where fairies live. In the background of beautiful nature, beautiful white horses with unicorn-like horns fly in the sky, mermaids with colorful tail fins enjoy freedom, full of mysterious magic ... , A story of a long time ago. As science and technology evolved, dwarfs and fairies got used to a convenient world, and magic disappeared from this world. Now it is a jumbo jet that flies in the sky. The beautiful Hakuba Pegasus has become a “Nora Pegasus” and is annoying to catch garbage on the streets of the city. The protagonist is Ian, a shy boy who can't use magic to live in a world where magic has faded. Ian and his curious older brother, Barley, set out on an adventure to regain their magic to see at a glance their father, who died before he was born. In the past, magic was everywhere, but what if the technology has advanced and the magic has disappeared? Exciting world drawn by Pixar!