Idol and Pokémon Ambassador come to "Millimas" cast!


In early February, the beginning of the Lunar New Year (China Lunar New Year), Taiwan is the Taipei International Mandarin Festival (January 31-February 4), the Fancy Frontier Pioneering Movement Festival (Feb 1-2), the Taipei International Electric Toy The exhibition (Taipei Game Show, February 6-9) and large content events such as animations and games were crowded.

Interest in Taiwan during this season came from the news that the just-announced "Idolmaster Starlit Season" will be performing its first stage event at the Taipei Game Show. Because it is the latest home event where idols appear from each title of Imus, it is also called "Cinderella Girls" Hiromi Igarashi as Anzu Futaba, and "Shiny Colors" Ryoko Maekawa as Tenka Osaki There was no “idol” co-starring, which was supposed to be a historic stage.


The other day, broadcasting on TOKYO MX and other stations was canceled due to "organizational reasons". In many ways, the TV anime "Heterogeneous Reviewers" is a hot work, but in Taiwan site Bahamut, The fact that one episode was delivered in a completely uncensored version became a big topic in Japan. Taiwan has such a high affinity with Japanese content, and is a hot land in many ways. In this issue, we will report on the content week in which Taiwan is excited.


Corona uproar hit directly at Content Week after New Year's Day

In Japan, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day celebrate the New Year's Day. This year's Lunar New Year's Day is January 25, and the Taiwanese holidays lasted from January 23 to 29. During the Spring Festival, except for some stores such as convenience stores and department stores, shutters are lowered throughout the house to celebrate the New Year.

Even under such Lunar New Year season, Taipei Underground Shopping Center is still more active than usual. From Taoyuan Airport, take the MRT (subway) to Taipei and reach the underground shopping street in front of you.ゲ ー ム Includes large ads for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, as well as game ads as far as the eye can see. Most of the titles are familiar in Japan, such as “New Sakura Wars (New Sakura Wars)”, “Ryujin Nakano (Ryuga like) 7”, “DEAD OR ALIVE”, “Raisa-like alchemy studio” Is 70-80% Japanese content?


In one area, all I could see was the Chinese title "Azur Lane". Game shops, goods shops and arcade game arcades are lined up in the underground shopping mall in the middle of the capital, Taipei, and it is a nostalgic and enviable sight that every store is booming. Even on the ground, the main avenue pole was flagged by the “Taipei International Movement Festival (TICA)” or the “Taipei Game Show”, which seemed to be an important event for Taiwan.


That's why the Coronavirus turmoil hit the New Year's season very badly. The Taipei game show with a strong international character will be canceled. One week earlier, the “Taipei International Romantic Festival” and the “Exploration Romantic Festival” were also held in a state of high alert, such as fever testing and alcohol cleaning at each venue entrance and booth. What surprised me was the awareness of Taiwanese people about the prevention of epidemics, with almost 100% of visitors wearing masks. There are reports of mask shortages in various countries, but in Taiwan there was no major confusion because the government purchased and managed masks in bulk and distributed them at a low price of 6 yuan (about 20 yen) per sheet. .


“Taipei International Romantic Festival”, which we mainly interviewed this time, is a large content event centered on anime and comics. Exhibitors are mainly from local publishers and merchandise shops, and it seems that the Taiwanese version of the Comiket “Kaiiku Drama Festival”, which mainly focuses on doujinshi sale events, stage events, and cosplay, is part of the same weekend. There are many local publishers who buy Japanese comics and light novels, such as Taiwan Eastern Sales, Seifun Publishing, Taiwan Kadokawa, and East Publishing, exhibiting at "Taipei International Romantic Festival", and the image of a specific publisher in Japan It is interesting that strong titles are distributed to each company.


Kotobukiya exhibited new figures at a company familiar to Japan, and Bushiroad also exhibited at the booth. It was impressive that the content base was carefully expanded by teaching card games such as "Weiss Schwarz" and "Re Bath for you". Looking at the entire "Taipei International Romantic Festival", writers are often invited to stage event guests, and the "Idolish 7" booth usually called Arina Tanemura as a talk guest I wanted to see.


Taiwan Imus fans cheer with the same words and tensions as Japan

The "Japanese Pavilion ICHIBAN JAPAN" booth was the link between Japan and Taiwan in the "Taipei International Romantic Festival". The booth usually invites anison artists, voice actors and idols from Japan to hold events.


The big crowd gathered on the stage of February 1st was the stage of "Idol Master Million Live! Theater Days" ("Idol Daishi One Million People Concert! Theater Time Light"). The traditional Chinese version of the work was released on August 30, 2019, and before the stage, fans are packed with local producers (Imus fans)!は る か I enjoyed the talk and mini-live stage of Haruka Yamazaki, Azusa Tadokoro and Machico. Machico's singing "Love Lesson Beginner" was a live of the same kind of passion and heat as the Japanese cast, as can be seen from the Japanese call of Kotekote, "Love Ei Lovely Machico!" It seems.


 Yomi Sakagami, producer of Gami P, a famous man of the “Idol Master,” has made his third appearance in the animation section. When Sakagami P appeared in the trademark orange shirt, a loving voice of "Hentai!" Flew from the venue (this is the promise, the pronunciation is Japanese. Read locally as Pientai) Seems). After the stage, another event, "Producer Business Card Exchange" was held, and Sakagami Producer and Hidemi Komino producer of "Mirishita" interacted directly with local fans.


We asked Sakagami General Producer after the exchange about the development of Asia including Taiwan.

"Because the idol master content started in Japan, when we started to expand overseas, we also started in Asia, especially Taiwan and South Korea. Taiwan fans are very serious, I feel that I love "Imus" seriously.When I interact, it does not feel like a gathering, but gives me polite greetings.Taiwan fans also have a sense of "producer" I feel they are doing it (Sakagami general producer). "
According to Hideno Komino producer, the traditional Chinese version has received a lot of attention from the pre-registration stage. "Idol Daishi Hundred Million People Concert! Theatrical Time" is based on the Japanese version, but the basic costume is "Gloria Trinity", which is different in design from the Japanese version. He also differentiates himself.


Pokemon Appears as Thank You Ambassador for Reconstruction

The color of the hair at the Japan Pavilion ICHIBAN JAPAN booth was quite different on the stage of “Thank You Reconstruction Entertainment City with Pokemon”. Representatives from all over the Tohoku region, including Otsuchi-cho, Noda-mura, Minamisoma-shi, Fukushima-ken and Kitashiobara-mura, appeared in Iwate Prefecture, and were lucky to Pokemon and Ishibbute, and commented on their appreciation for the reconstruction and the wish for the Olympics to succeed. .


There was traffic congestion with the reconstruction, the Olympics, and Pokemon, so I caught the person in charge and asked a detailed story.

“The Japanese government is hosting a host town project to host the participating countries and regions of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, and local governments all over Japan will be holding training camps and exchanges in advance. The prefectures, Miyagi Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture, as “Thank You for Reconstruction Host Towns,” feature the theme of gratitude to the countries and regions that cooperated in the reconstruction after the earthquake. Is targeted for Taiwan. "

It seemed to be a government-led activity, and I was surprised to see a “Cabinet Secretariat” business card from the person in charge. Why did Pokemon appear there?

"Pokemons have been named" thank you ambassadors "since last November. I also hope that young people will be interested because of their high recognition. Prefecture, Laplace is Miyagi Prefecture, and Lucky is Fukushima Prefecture's support Pokemon. This is the first time the three bodies have been working together. "

When the lucky costume went around the venue, there were crowds, which made me feel really popular.


Anisons and idols cross borders!

At the event stage, there were many idols from Japan, such as Mirai Skirt, DANJYO, Luce Twinkle Wink ☆, and Iginari Tohoku. One of Akiba Research Institute's most popular idols is Luce Twinkle Wink (hereinafter Luce), who aims to be a bridge between anime songs and idols.


The area was sparsely populated just before the stage, but when Luce's stage started it was full of fans. This time, Saki Fukasawa was on stage with four people due to poor physical condition, but she performed all six songs including “go to Romance >>>>>”, “Wonder Five”, and “Symphony” with energy that did not make me feel it. . At the MC, the MV of “go to Romance >>>>>” was exhilarated by stories shot in Jiufen, Taiwan, but the main performance was to compete with songs and dances that show live performances with tremendous momentum. I felt the strength of being able to compete in physical language beyond the country.


It was very smiling that Taiwanese fans imitated watching the expedition team dance and call from Japan, but the lyrics of "I love you!" He returned with a call saying, "Me too! Me too!" When he became familiar, he laughed at his surprised face saying, "What did these guys say?"


According to the manager in charge, "Symphony", which is the theme song of Nekopara OVA "Promise of a kitten," is very popular in Japan because "Nekopara" is popular in Taiwan. Luce seemed to be steadily increasing the number of local fans on her third visit to Taiwan, but the power of anime and anison seemed to have greatly helped the idol's overseas activities.


(Interview and text by Kiri Nakazato)