The original has exceeded 47 million copies! One of the best masterpieces, "Dragon Quest: The Great Adventure of Die", is now a Blu-ray BOX!


Blu-ray BOX has been announced for the anime "Dragon Quest Die's Great Adventure" (1991), which is based on one of the most famous mangas, with more than 47 million copies. Release date is July 3, 2020, price is 42,000 yen (excluding tax).

"Dragon Quest: The Great Adventure of Die" is the first long-term serialized manga featuring the RPG "Dragon Quest" series. The book's cumulative circulation exceeded 47 million copies, and in 1991 it became animated and became popular. In the fall of 2020, a completely new animation will be decided.


⇒That “Dragon Quest Dai's Great Adventure” will be animated in the fall of 2020! Also released special information video


Blu-ray of the TV anime `` Dragon Quest Dai's Big Adventure '' broadcast from 1991 to 1992 -ray BOX has been decided to be released.

In addition to all 46 episodes of TV anime, 3 theatrical works will be recorded as high-quality full-length full HD remastered video scanned from a 35mm original negative at high resolution.

In addition, it is full of specifications and enclosed benefits such as a three-sided case drawn by animation and a special booklet.

And, as a bonus for the first time production, goods drawn by Gome-chan, a popular character in the works, will be enclosed, so do not miss it.

[Product Information]
■ Dragon Quest Dai's Great Adventure Blu-ray BOX
・ Format: Cell Blu-ray BOX
・ Release date: July 3, 2020
・ Price: 42,000 yen (excluding tax)
・ An article number: BIXA-9039
・ JAN code: 4907953216655
・ Publisher: Happinet Inc.
・ Distributor: Happinet Inc.

[TV animation]
・ 46 episodes
[Theater work]
・ Dragon Quest Die's Great Adventure (published in 1991)
・ Dragon Quest: The Great Adventure of Die! ! The Apostle of Avan (published in 1992)
・ Dragon Quest: The Great Adventure of Die Buchiyabure! ! New 6th General (opened in 1992)

・ Animated three-sided case
·picture label
・ Special booklet

・ Gome-chan goods drawn down