That "Dragon Quest Dai Adventure" will be animated in the fall of 2020!


The cartoon "Dragon Quest Die's Big Adventure" serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1989 to 1996 has been decided to be animated in the fall of 2020.

"Dragon Quest: The Great Adventure of Die" is the first long-term serialized manga featuring the RPG "Dragon Quest" series. The book has a cumulative circulation of over 47 million copies and is still a beloved work.

The story begins with a scene where the world suffered by the Devil King Hadler has regained peace with one swordsman and his friends, called the "heroes". Time flows, and the story is set on Delmurin Island, a solitary island in the South Sea where monsters released from the Demon King live. The island's only human being, the boy Dai who longs for the brave, lived peacefully with the monsters. However, Dai's daily life is completely changed with the resurrection of Demon King Hadler. In order to save the world where the crisis has come again, the adventure of a boy and a die aiming for a hero begins.

It was animated from 1991 to 1992, but this new animation is said to be powerfully expressed with a hybrid of CG and animation drawing.

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Along with the animation, comments have arrived from Riku Sanjo, who is in charge of the original, Koji Inada, who is in charge of the manga, and Yuji Horii, who is in charge of the original draft.

■ Comment (original mom)
・ Original: Riku Sanjo
"I want to animate" The Great Adventure of Die "again with the latest technology!" I heard the voices of those real-time generations, but in 2020, that dream has finally come true! The readers at the time of the serialization were at the age of making works. I'm impressed just by listening to the hot talks of the staff. I look forward to the day when the dies return again! !

・ Cartoon: Koji Inada
I would be grateful if it became a work that would be interesting for those who are new to "The Great Adventure of Die" for the first time, and for those who know it. It seems that the production method has changed a lot since the previous animation, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the new anime dies move around.

・ Original draft: Yuji Horii
In making "Dragon Quest" into a comic, let's make the world view the same, but a different story from the game. With such a concept, Dr. Sanjo and Dr. Inada made comics. It was animated at the time, but after a long time, it was animated again using the latest techniques. I'm not happy. Expectation is full. I want to see it soon!


■ Special image
In addition, a special news video was released. Note the expression of the determined die.

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