A hero who has lost his body and has only his brain fights a criminal organization!

The teaser visual of "EX-ARM Exarm", which has been decided to be animated on TV, was released today on March 18, 2020. It has also been decided that broadcasting will start in July 2020.

"EX-ARM Exarm" (Original: HiRock / Drawing: Shinya Komi) is "Grand Jump" (Shueisha) from February 2015, and then "Jump +" (Shueisha) from December 2017 to June 2019 Popular manga works serialized in). Currently, a new chapter, "EX-ARM EXA Exarm Exa," is serialized in "Grand Jump Special Edition Mucha" (Shueisha).

The stage is 2030. This is a science fiction battle story depicting the battle between the criminal organization and the police over the paranormal weapon "EX-ARM". In a story, Akira, the hero who lost his body and became just a brain after a certain incident, fights with criminal organizations along with Minami and Alma of the police EX-ARM countermeasures section.

The animated teaser visual released this time depicts the main character Akira, Android Alma, and the battle body "Ogre".

In addition, it was officially announced that the broadcast will start in July 2020, and this work has finally begun to significantly move toward animated broadcasting. We will look forward to seeing how the characters appearing in the original and the fierce battle scenes are drawn.

[TV animation overview]
■ "EX-ARM Exarm"

Start broadcasting in July 2020

In 2014, Akira Natsume, a high school student who hates machines, wants to change herself and takes a step forward. However, suddenly I was hit by a truck. And 2030. An enemy equipped with EX-ARM No.08 attacks a combination of police Minami Kamizono and Android Arma who infiltrated an unknown weapon "EX-ARM" trading site in the Tokyo harbor area. They bet on rebirth and start "EX-ARM" No.00 robbed from enemies, but ...!?


(C) Shinya Komi, HiRock / Shueisha, EX-ARM Production Committee