For the anime "Baki", the main song artist, OP is GRANRODEO and ED is Keina Fujita!


From the anime series "Baki" to be exclusively distributed on Netflix in 2020, it was announced that the artist of the OP theme song was decided on GRANRODEO and the artist of the ED theme song was Keina Fujita.

The original "Baki" (Baki) series, serialized in "Weekly Shonen Champion" (Akita Shoten), is the youngest champion in the underground arena, Baki Hanma (Hanma Baki) and "The strongest creature on the ground" A popular fighting manga that depicts the fighting of various fighters, centered on a fierce battle with his father, Yuujiro Hanma.

The anime 'Baki''s most deadly prisoner was broadcast on Netflix in 2018 and then televised the same year. In the second phase, Daikendaisai, scheduled to be distributed within 2020, Toshiki Hirano will continue to be directed by Tatsuhiko Urabata and the series will be composed by Toms Entertainment.


GRANRODEO is in charge of the OP theme, following the previous work. "KISHOW" is a rock unit by Kisho Taniyama and "e-ZUKA" is Masaaki Iizuka. Since debuting in 2005 with "Go For It!", He has been in charge of many anime theme songs. In recent years, he has performed live at arena-scale venues such as Nippon Budokan, Saitama Super Arena, Makuhari Messe Exhibition Hall, and Osaka Castle Hall.

In addition, ED theme is in charge of Fujita Keina. In 2018, he released his first single, "I Can't Say It's a Song," and was spotlighted for his radical jacket photos and music videos. The music video of the second single "The moon ate" was recorded 2.5 million times on YouTube. Currently, she is engaged in various activities such as appearance on variety programs, gravure idols, and actresses.

Comments have been received from both artists, so let me introduce them below (both original moms).

■ GRANRODEO official comment
Based on the theme of the terrible human being who decided the dull, I made it with the image of a baki that will never lose. Passion is a thing of victory.

I am very pleased to be in charge of the OP for the Daikakudaisai, following the Baki, the most deadly prisoner. This song is a singalong with indigenous rhythms, ethnic melodies, and rust, as if you walk toward the ring while taking the feelings before fighting and the cheers of the audience, climbing the ring and elevating the entire venue. I tried to express it. I hope that Baki fans will like it!

■ Comment from Megumi Fujita
Until you announce this, you will die even if you die! That was the feeling. It's a great honor to have the first anime tie-up called "Baki" Although it is a work with many fans, it was boldly written down hard without being buzzed! I think it's the best song you can put out now, so I want you to come and listen to it live!

[Overview of animation]
■ "Baki" Daikodaisai

Exclusive distribution on Netflix in 2020

Original: Keisuke Itagaki
Director: Toshitaka Hirano
Series composition: Tatsuhiko Urahata
Character design: Fujio Suzuki 晋 Shingo Ishikawa
Color design: Hiromi Miyawaki
Art director: Masaki Nishiyama
Director of Photography: Tatsuo Noguchi
Edit: Yuriko Sano
Music: Kenji Fujisawa (Team-MAX)
Acoustic director: Yasuyuki Urakami Keiko Urakami
Animation Production: Toms Entertainment
Production: Bakit Production Committee

Hanma Baki: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Yujiro Norima: Akio Otsuka
Biscuits Oliva: Yoshitada Otsuka
Mahomed Arai Jr .: Soichiro Hoshi
Matsumoto Koue: Amamiya Ten
Retsukai: Rikiya Koyama
Liu Hao: Shozo Iizuka

ED theme: Megumi Fujita


(C) Keisuke Itagaki (Akita Shoten) / Bakit Production Committee