Ojamajo Doremi's 20th Anniversary Commemorative Work "Looking for Witch Apprentice" will be released on May 15, 2020!


The reunion of the TV anime "Ojamajo Doremi" production team "miracle". It was announced that the 20th anniversary commemorative work "Looking for a Witch Apprentice" will be released on May 15, 2020.

The "Ojamajo Doremi" series was broadcast as an original TV animation work for four years from 1999 to 2002. The highest rating in the series was 13.9%, and at the time, it was a work that was so popular that not only girls but also boys were watching. In addition to the excitement and fantasy feeling of the comical visuals and the theme of “Magical Girl,” the clear theme of “overcoming difficulties with their own powers” ​​is different from the previous “Magical Girl works.” However, it had a great influence on the children at that time.

The production team that worked on the “Ojamajo Doremi” series, which has gained the popularity of such children, has reunited for the first time in 20 years. The long-awaited latest theatrical version of the animation "Looking for a Witch Apprentice" has been decided to be released on May 15, 2020.


■ Special talk event held by the production team
Prior to the release of this movie, a special talk event for the production team was held at the 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival on Tuesday, October 29, 2019. At the same time, three previous works from the Ojamajo Doremi series were also screened.

Approximately 250 people came to the viewing, greatly exceeding the expectations. When the screening began, "the screening party was full of people who were full of smiles watching the characters of" Ojamajo Doremi "and enjoyed while humming the theme song of the work." In addition, some of the story, character visuals, and main storytelling of this work, which will be premiered in the world, have been specially released.

In addition, the special talk event after the screening will include Hiromi Seki, a producer who works on many popular animation works at Toei Animation, Junichi Sato, Yuu Kamatani, screenwriter Midori Kuriyama, character design Five directors, Mr. Yoshihiko Umakoshi, the animation director, took the stage.

■ The following is the official comment (original mom)


What made you decide to make the movie “Looking for a Witch Apprentice” when the “Ojamajo Doremi” series celebrated its 20th anniversary?
[Producer: Hiromi Seki]
Twenty years have passed since the start of television broadcasting, and various things happened in Japan. I think there were many things to everyone who was watching anime. So I wanted to make a work that only adults can enjoy, so I first spoke to Director Sato. And when I make it, I always keep in mind what kind of customers will see it, but I talked to the director and the scriptwriter, thinking that it would be better to return to the beginning as it was for TV animation.


How did you actually talk about filmmaking? And how did you make this story?
[Director: Junichi Sato]
Since the plan was announced, I often listened to me, "I was watching Doremi," so I thought it was worth doing as a project. I wonder if I'll hit "Ojamajo Doremi" after a long time. When it comes to stories, is it better to think "look nostalgic" Isn't it better to say "no"? We have been discussing various things.

[Screenplay: Kuriyama Midori]
I wrote the previous two films, but they were short. So I'm very happy this time because I can draw long. This is the movie that tells the best story in writing the script.


It is said that the character setting picture has also been newly drawn down. How did you try to draw some of them again?
[Character design and animation director @ Yoshihiko Umakoshi]
At the time of "Moto! Ojamajo Doremi", we redesigned our character design, but we are trying to recreate the line at that time, so we hope you enjoy it, including that area. Surprisingly, I had to write for many years, so I had time to have fun and it wasn't long after.


What kind of children are the three people who appear in this work?
[Screenplay: Kuriyama Midori]
Mire is a returnee child and works for a leading trading company, but her dreams have faded. However, she is a girl who has begun this journey again in pursuit of her dream.
Sora is a senior in college. I'm lost in my career and I'm thinking of becoming a teacher, but I'm frustrated. It is a girl who meets everyone and finds their way to recover from there.
Reika is from Onomichi and has a section she considers to be "the most unhappy girl in the world." Very bad luck for men (laughs)
She also has her own dreams, but she is a girl who gets the courage to push for that dream from the other two and goes on to her dream.

[Character design and animation director @ Yoshihiko Umakoshi]
In the image of drawing when making a character, Mille is a mix of Doremi and Aiko.
Sora has the image and atmosphere that is closest to any one.
Reika is also the image of this union with Hazuki.

Director Kamagaya is not a staff member of the original series, but have you ever been conscious of directing such as creating a storyboard for this scene that has a lot of "Ojamajo Doremi"?
[Director: Yu Kamatani]
After all, I think it will be a movie for doremi fans, so I make it a work that valued the "ness" properly.


You are supervised by two people. How is the work allotted?
[Director: Junichi Sato]
The assignment is not clear, but basically I feel like I'm watching Kamatani sometimes. (Lol)

[Director: Yu Kamatani]
There is a sense of security that the original series will supervise you.

How about Kamiya from the viewpoint of Sato?
[Director: Junichi Sato]
That's amazing. Kamiya wasn't even a viewer of "Ojamajo Doremi" at the time, but he has been catching up in the past year. She may be overtaken by her, who is making the work so far (laughs)
Mr. Kamatani had you enter in this work, and he clearly conveyed the thought of the young child now clearly to what I thought was good, so I made it a work that incorporates such opinions You.


I heard that lots of real land, including the Katsura River, will come out. How do you come out? Is there any other place to come?
[Directors: Junichi Sato, Yu Kamatani]
Sato: I wanted to add a road movie-like element to this work, so I actually went to location hunting.
Kamatani: I was inspired to see various places with the feeling of traveling by three girls, including drawing director Akiko Nakamura. The location hunting is utilized in this work.


"Magical balls" and "spells" have also appeared, but please tell us the thoughts you put in this work.
[Producer: Hiromi Seki]
There is no scene where Doremi turns into a strong heroine and defeats enemies, and no hero or heroine comes out. It was a work that we hoped everyone would laugh happily. This work is also a work that you can think so.


~ The closing message ~
[Character design and animation director @ Yoshihiko Umakoshi]
I'm glad if you can see it with a fresh feeling, not just nostalgic. Excellent drawing people enter and make encouragingly. Please look forward to the release next year.

[Screenplay: Kuriyama Midori]
At the time, there was a big theme in making "Ojamajo Doremi" in order to create a sharp child. This time, I made it with the theme of making a clean adult. Please come to the theater by all means.

[Director: Yu Kamatani]
The protagonist is different, but those who see this work think that it is a work that can remember Doremi.

[Director: Junichi Sato]
It is a work that both those who have seen "Ojamajo Doremi" and those who have not seen it can enjoy it. The three people introduced are characters that you can think of as close to yourself, so please have a look next year.

[Producer: Hiromi Seki]
If you have ever wanted to be friends with Doremi, please take a look. Even those who haven't seen "Ojamajo Doremi" can be enjoyed as a youth road movie, so on May 15 next year, I hope we can experience the excitement with everyone.


[Event summary]
・ Schedule: Tuesday, October 29, 2019
・ Venue: Roppongi Hills Arena (6-9-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Producer: Hiromi Seki
Directors: Junichi Sato, Yu Kamatani
Screenplay: Kuriyama Midori
Character design and total drawing director: Yoshihiko Umakoshi


[Work information]
■ Title: "Looking for a witch apprentice"
・ Publication date: May 15, 2020 (Fri)
・ Official movie website: https://lookingfor-magical-doremi.com/
・ 20th anniversary official website: https://www.doremi-anniv.com/
・ Ojamajo Doremi 20th Anniversary Twitter: https://twitter.com/doremi_staff